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Preparing Food
We create a real Change.
We provide education and training to our corporate partners and the public. Our programs will empower you to be more healthier by making smart, gradual, and sustainable changes to your life.

Our Core Values
Our core values are what we stand for. They are beliefs we hold deeply in every endeavor.


Connect with people from diverse backgrounds to cultivate a sense of community and belonging to encourage heightened creativity and productivity through health education, wellness lifestyle practices, and health screening activities.


Through our intensive wellness programs, we will build a Collaborative community where individuals can discover their strengths and limitations to complement each other to achieve a common goal.


We encourage all participants to practice Care by offering help, supporting each other, giving recognition for hard work, and being compassionate to those striving for change. A collective effort will thus improve health and well-being.


By knowing more about our state of health and transforming to be healthier individuals, Competency at any levels either at workplace or community will greatly improve leading to the achievement of less sickness and disease prevention. 


Through these interactions, we will draw Closeness amongst individuals which creates a positive environment that will boost motivation, happiness, and confidence to live healthier within their community

Aleef Daniel
Aleef is uberly passionate about helping people improve their health and well-being by delivering personalized, evidence-based, and culturally competent nutrition advice. He is a human rights advocate for food and nutrition security. He also loves Japanese food.
Ng Yie Min
Teh has 10 years of experience in the nutrition and wellness industry. She is a loving mother and an expert in nutrition specializing in motherhood and breastfeeding.
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khloe tan_pic_edited.png
Khloe Tan
Lim is an expert in weight loss. She is a high-spirited lady and her hobbies include running marathons and hiking.
Meet Our Trainers
Our Programs
Connectivity. Collaboration. Care. Competence. Closeness 
Pursue workplace wellness that works and
create a real change in your company
Pursue for your interest in nutrition and wellness, and create a real change for your health
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