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Your Future in Nutrition


Wellness Industry

Career in Nutrition and Wellness has endless opportunities


Weight Management Coach

Work with client in gym or any weight loss facility or working one-on-one coaching to help them to achieve their weight goals.

Food Blogger

Health Food or Supplement Sales

You can work at organic food or supplement store to help people to make better informed choices about foods.


Nutrition Educator Advocate

Teach nutrition education through lectures and classes at schools, community centre and specialized group that want to learn more about nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

Hospital Staff

Holistic Nutritionist

Work with wellness spas, clinics, or hospitals to improve health using holistic approach.

Type Writer

Nutrition and Wellness Writer

Start a blog, work for a newspaper or magazine or do freelance writing about nutrition and wellness topics for company that need nutrition content writing and marketing.


Independent Nutrition Professional & Entrepreneur

You can create your own business in nutrition industry. You will have access to Wellness Academy business resources and guides to help you to establish a successful business. Establish your own consulting business and meet clients with variety of settings.

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