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Why choose Wellness Academy

for Corporate Wellness Program ?


Workplace wellness should include SO much more than a boring health screening, stale health talks, and simplistic activities. In Wellness Academy, dive into our diverse customized wellness programs that are exciting, eye-opening  and experiential that can create a real change for your company. 


All our programs and trainers are certified by the Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF).

What does Wellness Academy offer

for Corporate Wellness Program?

State-of the-art health screening 

We offer a wide range of health screening to improve your staff's overall health and well-being. A healthy staff can increase your company’s productivity, reduce medical cost, boost their motivation to work, increase attendance which will significantly improve your organization's overall performance. 


Below are our most sought-after health screening services:

Inbody 2-01.jpg

Body Fat Analysis (Inbody)

Know your body fat percentage, visceral fat level, muscle mass, and your overall body score and your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. 



Stress Health Analysis Test.jpg

Stress and Cardiovascular Health Analysis 

Know your overall stress score, mean heart rate, mental health state, blood vessel circulation and the level of fat blockage in your blood vessels.

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Bone Health


Know your risk of having osteoporosis in the future, by determining your bone density and calcium, and other minerals levels that are important for your bone’s health.

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Body Toxicity


This screening determines a wide range of your health such as your colon health, liver health, body toxicity, your balance of acidic and alkaline foods, uric acid crystal, hormonal imbalance, and cholesterols levels.

All screenings include consultation by our qualified nutritionists and dietitians who graduated from accredited local and international universities. They are graduates from international universities such as the University of Glasgow (UK), Monash University (Australia) and Josai University (Japan); and local universities such as UCSI University, University Malaysia Terengganu and Management and Science University.

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Program Inquiry: 018-9721 571 (Aleef)

Wellness Carnival

(1 day event)

In addition to the health screening, we also offer a one-day Wellness Carnival to be held at your premises or other location if your space is limited. This Wellness Carnival includes a variety of activities. Pamper yourself with activities like neck and shoulder massage, infrared foot reflexology and delicious protein smoothies. You will experience a day of all wellness and health-themed activities like never before!


Wellness Carnival includes but not limited to below activities:

(A) Health Screening

InBody (Body Composition) Analysis

InBody (Body Composition) Analysis

Stress and Cardiovascular Health Analysis

Stress and Cardiovascular Health Analysis

Body Toxicity Analysis

Body Toxicity Analysis

 (B) Treatments and Therapies


Eye Treatment


Infrared Foot Reflexology


Massage Therapy


Facial Lymphatic Massage

(D)  Health talk

Health talk is available upon request based on your company's needs. The health talk is delivered by our qualified and experienced Nutritionist and Dietitian that have experience in educating people in diverse community settings.


Call us now to Change Lives!

Program Inquiry: 018-9721 571 (Aleef)

Join our Wellness Carnival