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Know More About

Your Body Fat

  • Are you aware of your visceral fat level?

  • Do you want to know about your body fat percentage?

  • Are you concern about having a fatty liver?

  • Do you need help to lose weight?

  • Do you want to help your family to be healthier and fitter?

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What You Will Learn in this
  • You will learn what is your ideal weight, and how much fat you need to lose or maintain to stay healthy, and fit!

  • You will learn what is your risk of fatty liver disease, obesity, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, heart disease, stroke, and kidney disease by knowing more about your body composition.

  • You will discover how to lose weight healthily with the right foods and lifestyle modifications with professional advice by our Certified Nutritionist and Dietitians.

  • You will also discover if you are malnourished or lacking nutrients.

  • You will know more about your total calorie needs per day, to help you to control the portion of your meals.

Do you know your


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"Three High

(High Blood Pressure, Sugar&Cholesterol)..."

I am a delivery man for a machinery factory. From my recent health reports, I’ve notice that my organs were in stressful condition. I was having diabetes, hypertension and stomach inflammation. I had a high
index of cancer cells marker and if not taken care of, it may lead to colorectal cancer. This is partly due to my unhealthy diets which are low in nutrients and stressful lifestyles, which contributed my body to have low levels of enzymes and to lose its vitality. Now, I am thankful that I have Wellness Concept’s Superfood Organic range of products with me. My overall condition has transformed to healthy organs and I regained my vitality too! When my brother shared that tumours were found in his liver, he had undergone surgery to remove them. I recommended him SUPERFOOD ORGANIC BARLEYGREEN® and Beta Beet. Few months of consuming these Superfood Juicing and his latest health report indicated that his liver cancer cell index has reduced
significantly! He also started to consume FiberGreen and Probio+. It helped with his constipation and speed up his recovery. Thank you, Wellness Concept!

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My body size went from a Small to a Large
after giving birth to my second child. My
weight was 58 kg. My colleagues and
friends always tease me, describing me as fat
and short. I tried slimming down by controlling
my diet, but that only helped maintain my
weight. After a while I even started to have
hair loss due to malnutrition. When I found
out about Lean90, I started replacing my
breakfast and dinner with it. I lost 4 kg in 2
months healthily. I am very happy with the
results and I am feeling more confident now.

What Other People Say

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"Lower Cholesterol & Anti-Aging..."

By consuming Wellness Concept Organic Juicing not only did it reduce my cholesterol level, but I have slimmed down as well. Now I look even younger, healthier and prettier!

Normal Body Fat Analysis will cost you RM120. 

Now, we are offering Body Fat Analysis for


More about Body Fat Analysis

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About Wellness Concept

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Wellness Concept was established in 2003 as a green company promoting green lifestyles. She pioneers in organic health care products which highly support nutritional concepts. In further extend to Wellness Concept’s interest, the organization believes in ways to encourage Mother Earth to return to its natural condition by creating awareness to the community in living greener lifestyle. With the reflection of simple guide such as ‘Organic, Eco-friendly and Concept of Wellness’, Wellness Concept moves with the theme ‘Good Health, True Wealth’.

Hence, our organization aspires to groom individuals towards a good natured and sustainable entrepreneurship platform that cultivates in helping others to build ‘Healthy and Wealthy’ lifestyle.

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