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Nutrition and Wellness



  • Are you sure your children are eating healthy?

  • Are you passionate about nutrition and want to share your knowledge confidently?

  • Do you want to become healthy for you and your family?

  • Do you want to lose weight but find it hard to maintain?


This program presents you with in-depth information to build awareness and empower you and the people around you with nutrition knowledge for disease prevention and optimal health. Explore on topics such as healthy weight loss, the relationship between the food we eat and diseases, the importance of breastfeeding, digestive health and nutrition for longevity.

What You Will Learn In This Program

To determine the effect of food choices on health and diseases outcomes

To learn how to teach healthy eating habits to help people prevent diseases

To distinguish myth and false nutrition information

To design your healthy, nutritious and delicious plate for your friends, family and children

To examine the different nutrition needs for people of all life stages

Here are the 2020 Modules

Fundamentals of Nutrition

Module 1 :

Introduction of Nutrition

Explore more about the importance and sources of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals and the role of water in human health

Nutrition and Diseases

Module 3:

Nutrition and Diseases

You will explore the relationships between the food we eat and development of disease such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, hypertension, osteoporosis and Alzheimer's.

Nutrition and Weight Management

Module 5:

Nutrition and Weight Management

Half of Malaysian are overweight and obese, and as of now, Malaysia is the fattest country in Asia! Be a part of the change by using nutrition as the starting point for weight-loss. This course explores how to use your diet to lose weight healthily by lose fat while gaining muscle.

Nutrition and Your Body Toxicity

Module 7:

Nutrition, Your Body Toxicity and Antioxidants

Learn more about the body toxicity in your body, the role of your kidney and liver, and the role of antioxidants for human health

Nutrition and Your Body Antioxidants and Free Radicals

Module 9:

Nutrition, Food Security and Longevity

Learn about the challenges of eating healthy and food security issues in Malaysia. Discover the secret of optimal health and longevity

Nutrition Needs Throughout Our Life

Module 2:

Nutrition Through Our Life Stages

Discover the importance and difference of nutrition needs during pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, infancy, childhood, adolescent, adulthood and late adulthood

Nutrition for the 1000 days of life

Module 4:

Nutrition for the first 1000 days of human life

Comprehensive learning about nutrition for first 1000 days of human life. During this critical period all of our organs and tissues are being formed and educated, setting the foundation for our lifelong health health. Ideal for mothers and fathers to a young children.

Nutrition and Your Gut Health

Module 6:

Nutrition and Your Digestive Health

Informative look on the important roles of nutrition such as fiber, probiotics and other nutrients for your gut health. Learn what are the best foods that you can eat to relieve digestive issues.

Nutrition and Your Immune System 

Module 8:

Nutrition and Your Immune System 

Learn more on the role of nutrition and your immune system as well as on how to manage food allergies and food intolerance

How this program works


8 weeks


Under 30 students


3 hours per week


Classroom and Online

What people say about this program

Qyvonia Chong,

Marketing Manager

“ This program helps me to know better in choosing the right food for healthy lifestyle. I would like to share this knowledge to the people that I care ”

Azril Ahmad,

Administration Officer

"Before I attended this course, I thought by skipping meals can help to reduce weight but actually we need enough nutrients from food so that we can lose weight healthily"

Yee Ling Ho,

Enviromental Engineer

"I am allergic to egg, peanut and fish. After learning about nutrition, I know more about the difference between food allergies and food intolerance. In the future, I can advise people that have the same symptoms as me”

Chimi Yangzom,

Sales Executive

“ The knowledge that I learn will help me to reinforce my work life which is in the health and wellness industry. Not only it will help in my career in spreading nutrition knowledge, but also help me with my own health “

Jessika Woo,

Medical Scientist

“ The use of nutrition knowledge from this program can help me to promote health and manage diseases better. “ Now I can advise people better on what to eat in order to achieve a specific health goals ”

Elaine Lee,


 "It helps me to understand better conditions and diseases and how those food that we chose can affect our overall health.  You will also be happier if you are healthy. That is what I learn in this program!! ” 

Sofia Abdullah,

Sales Executive

“ Lots of my friends who are expecting, tend to eat anything and everything during pregnancy. Now, I know in detail why good nutrition is crucial as it may affect our children’s health in the future ”

Hui Min Gan,


"As a nutritionist, we must be an example. This program has taught me to be healthy, energetic and happy, so that my client will be impressed by my outlook ”

Esther Chen,

HR Manager

“ This program has taught me to be more confident in sharing my nutrition knowledge. When people have confidence in you, they will accept the things that you proposed. People have confidence in people that they trust ”


Who Should Enrol

  • Anyone who is interested to become healthier 

  • Anyone who want to lose weight or gain weight in a healthy approach

  • Parents who is struggling to teach their children to eat healthy

  • Anyone who is passionate in helping people to become healthier 

Here's everything that you'll get when you enroll

  • Start the journey to a fitter, healthier and more vibrant you

  • Digital eBooks and/or physical textbook

  • PDF slide presentations

  • Audio + video lectures

  • Certificate of Achievement 

  • Free Wellness Academy health screening

  • Earn potential income by referral program

  • Newsletter subscription

  • Access to monthly webinars

  • Access to Wellness Academy business resources and guides

  • Community support of like-minded student

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