Tips for stress management at workplace

Pressure and stress at the workplace have become a norm in today’s working


Whether it’s the approaching deadline, increasing sales target or just performance issues, pressure comes in many shapes and forms.

These issues play a major factor that contributes to workplace stress. It can have a massive impact on an individual’s mental and physical health if the right interventions aren’t taken. 

There are several ways to counter workplace stress. The followings are some of the ways you can do to tackle stress at the workplace or stress in general.

1. Set realistic goals

Don’t push yourself too hard. There is a limit to what one can do or achieve within a fixed period. 

Try to understand the fine line between pressure and challenge. Set realistic goals for yourself, it will benefit both you and your team.

Accepting more responsibilities is hard and challenging but it does not mean you

have to do it. Learn to say “no” where you think it’s applicable.

2. Planning