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Tips for stress management at workplace

Pressure and stress at the workplace have become a norm in today’s working


Whether it’s the approaching deadline, increasing sales target or just performance issues, pressure comes in many shapes and forms.

These issues play a major factor that contributes to workplace stress. It can have a massive impact on an individual’s mental and physical health if the right interventions aren’t taken. 

There are several ways to counter workplace stress. The followings are some of the ways you can do to tackle stress at the workplace or stress in general.

1. Set realistic goals

Don’t push yourself too hard. There is a limit to what one can do or achieve within a fixed period. 

Try to understand the fine line between pressure and challenge. Set realistic goals for yourself, it will benefit both you and your team.

Accepting more responsibilities is hard and challenging but it does not mean you

have to do it. Learn to say “no” where you think it’s applicable.

2. Planning

When you are working try to plan things ahead and make provision, so things won’t pile up and become a burden.

Planning ensures that you have time to correct your mistakes and meet the deadline on time.  

Anticipating problems will prepare you to handle them better thereby causing lesser stress.

3. Optimize your tasks

Optimize your tasks based on what’s really important and what task can wait.

Once the important task is done you can catch a breath to sort out your other work. 

You can get into a circumstance where the important task will require more attention to complete. You won’t have enough time if you do not manage your workflow.

An important task done at short notice will cause unnecessary stress.

4. Get your way around

Try to ask for support by delegating your task. You can ask and reach help from


That will speed things up for you and make you a bit more relaxed. 

That way you have time to focus on tasks that are more important that only you can do. This ensures that all tasks are done simultaneously.

5. Be flexible with time

Some people find it hard to accept and blend into new changes that take place

around them.

That makes it hard for them to adjust themselves to an organization. This will only increase stress and anxiety. 

Try to be more flexible and adapt to the changes that are happening around you. It will help if you keep your mind open to ensure that you will adapt to new changes smoothly.

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