Wellness Academy

Corporate Wellness Program

A corporate wellness program is designed to ameliorate the well-being of corporate and employees. Our programs offer benefits, separate from standard health insurance plans.

We aim to improve employee's physical, psychological, and mental health through health screening, weight management coaching, and educational awareness.

Our Corporate Wellness Program offers the following programs that will help you to be healthier by making smart, gradual, and sustainable lifestyle changes in the workplace.

· Stress Management:

Stress is one of the things that everybody deals within their lives most of the time. Stress can be defined as “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.”

Or in simple words, it is the body’s physical, mental, and emotional reaction to demands placed on it. Let's suppose an equation in which S= Stress, P=Pressure, and R=Resources. Stress occurs when P > R.

In our stress management program, we will help you to reduce or eliminate P by increasing R to harbor higher stress. We provide Stress and Cardiac Health Analysis to determine your overall stress score, average heart rate, mental health state, and fat blockage level in your blood vessels.

· Obesity Management: