How to stay motivated for your workout

As it’s the beginning of a New Year, many people New Year's resolution is to become more active by making working out as part of their daily routine.

Starting a new healthy routine is hard itself but keeping up with it is even harder.

For a lot of people, their New Year's resolution to lose weight or start leaving a healthy life might be deemed to fail.

As with time, the motivation for doing something fades away and their new quest is met with failure. In this blog, we will share a few ways to hold on to your motivation to exercise.

Firstly, ask yourself what makes exercise fun for you. What are the things that motivate you and keeps you focused on your workout?

Work out with a friend:

Exercise becomes more enjoyable when you do it together with a friend.

Find a friend who is down to work out with you, and most probably won’t skip gym dates.

Set goals and schedule your workout: