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Why not make optimal health your New Year resolution?

As the calendar turns and we leave behind 2019, holding on to the good memories of the year and hoping for the better and greater time in the new upcoming year 2020!

As entering a New Year, millions of people make bold resolution to make change in the new upcoming year and try their best to keep their resolution as far as they can stretch into the New Year.

From going to the gym more or to finally getting through your book list, resolutions come in many forms. It can be anything to bring a positive impact on your life in the New Year.

While the resolution comes from a good intent, the goal is usually doomed to fail as we invariably begin the year with our eye solidly on the prize, but find our motivation slowly dwindling over the first few months of the year.

It’s a pretty well known fact that it takes about two months to develop a new habit. New habits are more likely to stick when motive and patience are held on.

This upcoming New Year, try to set up a realistic goal and try your best to commit to it so that it fuses smoothly into regular life and improves your overall health.

Eat healthy

They first step in starting a healthy eating habit is to start cooking at home more often.

If you oppose eating in restaurants or ordering takeout, it offers quite a few perks:

Cooking for yourself is healthier as you have control over your meals, it is better for the environment and it can save you money as well.

If you don’t have enough time to cook for yourself every day, try prepare your meal in few hours on your off days.

Do regular exercise

According to Centers for Disease Control (CDC), adults should do moderately exercises for 150 minutes per week in order to remain healthy.

Exercise not only helps you to maintain weight but it also boosts your energy and helps you sleep better.

If you can’t do exercise according to CDC, you can make your own workout plan.

Be cautious and try not to make extreme changes early on in your New Year resolution!

A major part that differentiates between those who fail their New Year resolution and those who are successful in tackling their New Year resolution is pace.

If you make drastic changes in your life early on in the New Year, it will become more difficult to achieve your goal.

Take small steps don’t rush to see the results. Results will appear as the time will pass by but only if there is commitment and hard work to achieve success.

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